Israel Immigration Policy Sends Asylum Seekers to Their Death or Into Slavery In Libya

[arve src="" /]Apparently Libya is the disposal grounds of unwanted humans who have fled into Israel. 

Wow.  This is the kind of standard that Israel is forced to live up to when dealing with humanitarian issues like how you handle large influxes of African refugees.   Israel refers to these migrants as "Infiltrators" and will end up forcing them into other countries who don't want them.   After Uganda and Rawanda follow suit and kick them out as well, they end up drowned in the Mediterranean, sold in a slave auction in Libya, or outright slaughtered like livestock in Libya.  [Apparently Libya is the absolute most lawless, horrific country on the planet].

The United States gets crushed in the media for temporarily separating Mexican families in order to properly documemt and process the legit family members to prevent child sex trafficking and fraudelent identity claims.  While Israel gets to just literally dispose of nearly 40,000 African immigrants with nothing more than this one news piece to attempt to show the world what is really happening.

 Why don't liberal progressive human rights advocates spend their time fighting for the rights of immigrants like these ones who face much more dire circumstances than migrants coming through the Southwestern US border. 

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