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CNN Tries To Shame & Bully Border Patrol Agent & Gets Dose of REALITY

The illegal crossing journey consists of: 12 year old girls raped regularly during trip(carry plan b) and imposter families used to traffic young children for sex work, just for 2 examples of the human rights disaster it is[arve url="" /]

How can people really claim that we shouldn't be cracking down on what is an uncontrollable influx of immigrants that perpetuates endless varieties of human rights violations and needless suffering?  You heard what this [hispanic] border patrol agent said?

You see that 12 year old girls are carrying doses of PLAN B on them for the journey because getting raped along the way is unavoidable.

This is just one of many examples highlighting the need to crack down on this epidemic of illegal migrations.  A no tolerance policy has been needed for quite some time.   The last thing we need to do is make it even easier and even more enticing for illegals to cross over into the United States illegally. All this illegal migration is leading to all sorts of human rights violations, human trafficking (for both labor and sex purposes), and is straining all the various social services cash disbursements we offer that should only be for actual legal U.S. citizens.
I understand that it sucks to see all these kids removed from their parents in holding facilities but what many fail to realize is that often times it is found out that these kids were not with their parents at all and they were being trafficked into the country by others claiming to be their parents with the purpose of selling the children off into the sex slave industry.

So if the real families need to spend a week apart from each other to ensure that the children who are being trafficked will be protected by being investigated and determining not to reunite with their trafficker, but rather allow the kids some type of asylum or humane deportation, while arresting their trafficker on serious crimes.  Saving these kids from a life as sex slaves.  Then that is a small price to pay for a family that already had put their children at risk to begin with by bringing them along the journey.

So since the no tolerance policy that is being used is separating the children for very serious reasons revolving around the prevention of human trafficking, the Democrats cannot say that Trump has implemented this policy solely as a police designed to punish the families for bringing their kids here in the first place.  However, it does happen to serve as a deterrent in this way anyway, so its just a bonus that it both stops human trafficking and serves as a future deterrent for families thinking about bringing, or sending their children along an illegal immigration journey to cross the border illegally.  Maybe they do deserve to get their kids taken away from them for bringing them on these horrific and dangerous border crossing journeys in the first place.  I mentioned in the beginning of this piece how a 12 year old girl explained to the border patrol agent that the reason she carries several PLAN B doses with her is because it is nearly a 100% guarantee that she will be raped somewhere along the way, possibly more than once.  So this is what we are dealing with here.  

The Democratic Politicians in these border states don't seem to care about these human rights atrocities and the damage these mass immigration's cause to available social services programs that are not designed to keep up with non-citizens.  These politicians would gladly see this catastrophe of current immigration policy continue on, and in fact make it even more palatable for immigrants to cross over illegally, which would exasperate the current issues we have even further.  And they do all this just so they can secure as many Latino votes as possible when the elections come around.  Some of you might be asking themselves, "I thought you had to be a US citizen to vote?" Well the answer is yes.  This is true.  You must be a legal US citizen to vote. However in States like California they grant illegals their own driver's license.  They then use this form of identification at the voting booths and in many areas the poll operaters will not look any further into the identity of the person to verify if there are in fact a legal resident. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess what areas would be inclined to allow these people to vote, DEMOCRATIC AREAS.

They are doing this so that they can cling onto their power, and do not care about all the human suffering that is expended on the journey taken by their potential future voters.  They just want the votes.

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