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Latino Man Brutally Beats Girlfriend To A Pulp Over Snapchat

Why do Latino men seem to always be the ones who go ape shit on their girlfriends and beat them in the most brutal way imaginable? The incident with the UFC fighter and his pornstar girlfriend comes to mind. As well as the MLB prospect who power-punched his girlfriend in a public stairwell repeatedly and was caught by surveillance.
I hate generalizing. Never want to even inadvertently do it. But this is merely based on observable, verifiable media coverage of these types of domestic abuse cases. For whatever reason it seems that Latino men have a tendency to brutally beat their girlfriend in the most severe way possible when a domestic dispute arises.

Man Pleads Guilty To Beating His Girlfriend After She Downloaded Snapchat – 2018.6.12
Daisy Jackson in News
WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGERYA 21-year-old man who beat his girlfriend to a pulp over an argument about Snapchat will be sentenced today.Dameon Marmolejo saw a Snapchat message on 18-year-old Solidad Torres’s phone, and accused her of cheating on him.He then lay into her in a brutal attack that left her unconscious and hospitalised, and covered in bruises shaped like the imprint of his shoes.Marmolejo was arrested in August last year and appeared in Lubbock County Court in Texas yesterday.He has been accused of inflicting serious bodily harm on his girlfriend.
The couple met each other on Snapchat, but she deleted the app when they got together. The incident took place after he realised she had re-installed the messaging app, assuming that she was cheating on him.The details of what followed are brutal.Torres told police that her now ex-boyfriend became enraged after seeing a Snapchat message flash up on her phone. She was at home at the time.He first slapped her across the face, before throwing her to the ground and beginning to beat her.
She flipped over to try and protect herself, but he continued to punch her sides and torso.He stomped on the back of her head so hard that he left shoe-shaped bruises – the authorities later matched the bruises to a pair of his shoes and used it as evidence against him.Torres managed to get away from him and ran to the bathroom, but he got in there with her and slammed her head against the bathtub until she fell unconscious, according to KCBD.She was hospitalised and needed 15 staples to close a gaping wound on her head.
Marmolejo was arrested after the prints of his shoes were matched with the bruising pattern on the young woman’s body.He has pleaded guilty to the charges and will receive his sentence today.Photos released of the victim show her hair matted with dry blood, a gaping wound in her head that’s easily three inches wide, and an eye that appears to be puffy and bruised.As well as the 15 staples, she needed three stitches in her head.
Torres’ mother shared the details via Facebook shortly after the incident occurred, and has since been actively campaigning against domestic violence.In her post, she revealed that it was Marmolejo who called 911 after Torres fell unconscious, then fled the scene.”No person, no matter the circumstances deserves this or any other person’s act of physical violence,” she wrote.

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