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Actor Peter Fonda Says Barron Trump Should Be ‘Ripped’ From Mother and ‘Put in a Cage With Pedophiles’

Actor and filmmaker Peter Fonda went on an unhinged Twitter tirade against the Trump administration last night over their policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border. In one tweet, he suggested that Barron Trump should be locked in a cage with pedophiles to give his mom and dad a taste of their own medicine.Actor Peter Fonda Says Barron Trump Should Be ‘Ripped’ From Mother and ‘Put in a Cage With Pedophiles’

MediaiteJune 20, 2018 11:11 am

Many of his tweets have since been deleted.

It all started when Fonda tore into DHS Chief Kirstjen Nielsenand Sarah Huckabee Sanders for their joint White House press briefing on Monday in which they defended Trump’s border policy.

Kristjen Nielsen is a lying gash that should be put in a cage and poked at by passersby. The gash should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterity.

— Peter Henry Fonda (@iamfonda) June 19, 2018

SS (Sarah Sanders) is a lying gash, too. And “gash” is much worse than cunt. Maybe we should take her children away and deport her to Arkansas, and giving her children to Stephen Goebbels Miller for safe keeping.

— Peter Henry Fonda (@iamfonda) June 19, 2018

Eventually, he went full cap-locks:

And here’s the topper:

Fonda went on to engage with other Twitter users, suggesting that people should try to “scare the shit out of” ICE agents and border patrol by holding mass protests that surround the schools their kids attend.

“We need to scare the f*** out of them!” Said Fonda — an the son of legendary actor Henry Fonda, brother of Jane Fonda, and father of Bridget Fonda. “Need to make their children worry now.”

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