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Worst MLB First Pitches


Chris Rock supposedly had the worst one.  He was somehow able to get all, or most footage of the pitch literally removed from the internet.   I don’t know how he did it but he must have paid some company to continuously scour the Internet and remove any and all uploads of the footage.

The one who paid the highest price for their disastrous first pitch was Gary Delabonte, director of the Howard Stern show.  I heard the radio show immediately after the pitch.  It nearly ruined his life.

 What’s What stands out in Gary’s case is that he is one of these individuals who despite clearly physically being unable to throw the perch will still plead with people to believe that he is an athlete and can throw a baseball.  I have a friend just like this it must be some kind of syndrome where due to ones desperation to be looked at as an athletic person they would deny again and again the fact that they have no athletic ability whatsoever.  

Instead of simply accepting this and admitting to others that they cannot throw a baseball they will practice and practice, lying to themselves that they have this ability that they don’t have.   They can tell themselves whatever they want but will never actually be able to perform a simple task like throwing a baseball.

Gary fits into this category as when he went on the show the next morning he kept pleading with everyone trying to convince them that he normally can throw a baseball no problem and this was some kind of an anomaly.  No amount of “reality” will ever change his mind.

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