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Idiot Doctor Acts Like Bully, Idiot Patient Records It. Doc Fired. All Involved Suck.

This is one of those cases where you have a perfect storm of people who suck ass.  The patient very likely did not need to go to the ER and I can see how a busy doctor might get annoyed when patients like this come into a busy emergency room.  However, as a professional physician, especially an emergency room physician, you need to have a high level of tolerance towards all types of patients.  I certainly think it was a stretch for her to have allegedly thought that this guy was exhibiting any drug seeking behavior.   Most drug seeking patients know better than to try to go an ER doctor to try to obtain narcotics when you have no apparent ailment at all.  So it was out of line for this guy to accuse her of that to begin with.

ER doctors, especially those early in a career, may not be making a glamorous salary yet and may easily get frustrated on the job.   This doctor should have quickly evaluated, then done some kind of quick and easy procedure to appease him and then have moved on to patients that actually require her attention.  She should not have wasted as much time talking shit to this guy.

And finally, people need to once and for all realize that EVERYTHING IS ON VIDEO.  In addition to surveillance cameras mounted on every square inch of every public building, everyone has their phones out.  If your gonna act like a dirtbag in a public and professional setting, then be prepared for the creation of a permanent video record of your behavior to be uploaded into an easily sharable file format, ready to be seen by an eager internet audience.  You dumb fucks.  Leave your craziness at the door.

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