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Unidentified Creepy Disturbing Humanoid “Critter”

This clip has been making the rounds on the web for decades at this point.  The closest I have ever heard to an explanation of what it might be, is a Macaque monkey, dressed up in a wig.  However, you don’t need to scrutinize the video very thoroughly to realize that this explanation is asinine.

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No one should be claiming to know what this thing is.  It is obviously an unknown animal that is related to both human and primate.  The hands on it were the creepiest part of its anatomy.  It had such long, human looking fingers, with a greenish-gray tint to it’s skin color.
You will also notice that it’s dark, wide eyes, move side to side very rapidly.  It also blinks at a much higher rate than would seem to be natural.
I’m lost on this one.

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