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BANNED ON YOUTUBE. How Do We Save This Lost Generation? Gender Identity Insanity Has Reached Unfathomable Insanity.



Wait…what?  Progressive socially deviant personalities have always existed amoungst young people.  However lately, a particular sect of these reclusive outcasts have hijacked the norm and forced upon society what they now mandate as the acceptable and politically correct social guidelines for the general population. These obtuse, intrusive, and often destructive “corrective” practices are considered gospel and the only correct way to refer to, and react to gender ambiguities in individuals and small children who are affected.

[arve url=”″ thumbnail=”4444″ title=”This is officially out of control” /]  The “sexless alien” dude was actually the most reasonable-sounding of everyone when he said that he may certainly severely regret doing this to himself in the future and people need to stop and think about what they are doing before going through with body modifications.

Who elected them to represent these people?  Who sanctioned these insane policies to force gender transformation treatments on children as young as 3 or 4, simply because they may exhibit uncertainties with their gender identity when at school.  This is becoming a train-wreck.

The late, great Lil Peep would be disgusted by the way “Goth Boy Click” is being represented.

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