Mount Everest climbers have left behind 12 tons of human poo, 50 tons of garbage, and quite a few frozen corpses. We suck.

Since mountaineers and amateurs alike have been have been trampling all over Mt.Everest, they have left behind,

12 tons of human poo, 50 tons of garbage, and an alarming number of frozen corpses

How gross are those figures? These wannabe explorers and supposed ambitious “go-getters” think they have made the ultimate achievement, and somehow made the world a better place by reaching the top of Everest.

In reality, summiting Everest is lame and unoriginal. And don’t forget foolishly dangerous. Any number of random factors can snatch the life out of a climber.

Everest seems to be for douchebags only at this point. The Nepalese government should make the Everest climbing guide companies clean up the place.

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