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J.P. Morgan Deprived Mankind Of Unlimited Energy Tech & Anti-Gravity Tech. Both have been known of since antiquity.

A whistleblower has claimed that the United States has been capable of creating technology using anti-gravity techniques for many years but that the information is being suppressed from the general public.

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Does anti-gravity technology already exist?

The whistleblower, who prefers to remain anonymous has spoken out about his work with the RCA. He claims that he read an office memo which described how one of the engineers working for the company had successfully tested an anti-gravity device. In the same memo, a document number was listed to be referred to for more information regarding this technology which could effectively lead to free energy for vehicles.

However, when the man pushed further and asked for more information, he was given the cold shoulder. He was told that the memo must have been incorrect as all tests into anti-gravity technology had failed. He was also told that there was no document containing further information about the exciting technology.

Nikola Tesla designed a working flying platform

It has long been suspected that the anti-gravity technology is a real possibility. A hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla designed a working flying platform and had also patented a flying saucer style spacecraft. Unfortunately, after his death, most of his notebooks and plans were seized by the FBI who had him under surveillance as a potentially subversive influence.

Nikola Tesla Anti Gravity The Coil Anti-gravity

This means that the actual details of his plans are not available to the general public. Furthermore, Otis T Carr, who worked with Tesla, also claimed that he had designed an anti-gravity craft and that it was fully operational. However, like Tesla before him, Carr found himself targeted by government agencies and there are allegations that his experiments were shut down by the government.

Tesla Ufo Motors Unidentified Flying Object
Tesla was all about the future, and his futuristic flying object was top of the line; the interior of the ship was equipped with flat screens and external video cameras

It may seem puzzling as to why the United States government would have kept this information from the general public. However, there is apparently a logical reason for the suppression. Anti-gravity technology could essentially lead to the free running of vehicles from cars to spacecraft. This kind of technology could seriously harm the bottom line of many of the major donors to both dominant politicalparties in the United States and could give the population far more freedom than the authorities are comfortable with.


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