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Orangutan Tries To Fight Bulldozer Destroying Habitat


Pretty badass Orabgutan to go after the claw on that machine and then even charge towards the cab section of the excavator.

I do give credit to the workers for being as careful as they were not to hurt it. If this were in the DRC, Mali, or any other African country, they would have chopped its head off and ate the carcass for a “bushmeat” lunch later on their break. So we should commend these construction workers for being mindful and sympathetic of the creature.

All the blame for the reckless ecological destruction that continues to go on in Indonesia can be placed squarely on the ultra corrupt government. These leaders are quite literally owned by the agricultural magnates in the country. Including those operating the Palm plantations. They have been clearing the Indonesian rainforest at an exponential rate for a long time.

A balance needs to be reached between the conservation of resources vs the conservation of the environment.

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