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Gucci Clone: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take one look at this and see that this cannot be the real Gucci Mane.

These are simply two distinctly different human beings. Unless Gucci, while in jail, somehow:

  1. Cut off his ears and had new ones with a different shape sewed on.
  2. Sucked all the fat and tissue out of his lips to make them thinner.
  3. Reconstructed his chin and cheek bones.
  4. Had the ice cream cone tatoo on his face nearly fully faded away.
  5. Had all of his body tatoos fully laser-removed, then reapplied, but in slightly different locations.

Unless he somehow pulled off all this inexplicable feats, while losing all his body fat, then this new Gucci Man is an imposter. I’m afraid this insinuates that the real man was killed in jail and replaced by this easily controlable new Gucci.

My hunch is that the real Gucci was not maximizing his earnings potential via his wild popularity in the streetz. He was more concerned with that purple cup and a live performance here and there. He wasn’t about that record label life. The clone will do what they want. He makes hit singles for the radio. He has a very public and commercialized wedding.

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