Here We Go! James Comey Getting Ready To Flip on Loretta Lynch if Andrew McCabe Flips On Him.


By Paco Mack the Rational Citizen

Nothing would warm my heart more than to watch a cannibalistic feeding frenzy commence within the former crooked Dem influenced D.O.J.  A justice department that operated more like a liberal-affiliated crime ring.  Criminal acts were carried out by a hideous conglomerate of politicians and federal agents that operated with inpunity under Obama.  The D.O.J. would have only become increasingly swollen with corruption if Killary had managed to snag the necessary electoral tally in the 2016 presidential race.  God was watching this closely and despite what a liberal hack may tell you, Trump was the much lesser of these 2 evils. 

Imagine if John Podesta suddenly became the right hand man of the President of the United States of America.  Most likely the most chilling and creepy politician we have ever seen in the public forum.  With Killary as Commander and Chief this little pedo-monster would have seen his power baloon to unimaginable levels.  Allowing him to operate his pedo House of Horrors with even greater impunity.   Reports of the heinous and disturbing acts he commits against young children have appeared consistently throughout his time in D.C. with both Hillary and Bill. 

For all the Hillary supporters out there who claim these alligations against Posesta are exaggerations and/or just flat out lies.  I challenge you to prove me wrong by leaving your small children alone for a day with John Podesta.  Given that you love your children and are not a pedofile yourself, I know for damn sure you wouldn’t do that for any amount of money in world.

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