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Parkland High School Security Officer Tries Explaining His Actions


I actually kind of understand what he’s trying to say, because I do believe that Sheriff Scott Israel had some kind of order in place for the officers to stand down when they got to the scene.  He seemed to want to keep the officers outside of the building until a certain time.   This goes back to the notion that this event was perhaps planned/allowed to occur.
We know that a shooting drill was scheduled for that day.  We know that David Hog’s video that was filmed in the closet where he was allegedly hiding out contains unexplainable footage of him covering what was happening supposedly during the shooting, but at a time well before Nickolas Cruz ever fired a shot.  He reveals that this footage was recorded at 9:30AM.  However the shooting did not happen until 2:23pm.  This inexplicable footage filmed by Hog also features his interview of a classmate who  starts conveniently speaking about how she will now be cancelling her birthday event that was originally supposed to be a session at the gun range and the certification of her “Junior NRA Membership”.   A claim that sounds insanely suspicious and very obtuse and odd.   We also have footage of students describing members of a SWAT team inside the school that were “putting mats over the bodies in the hallway” as students were hurried out of the building.  A very strange statement was also made by a different girl who in this same video also described to a reporter that she had spoke to Nikolas Cruz at the same time she heard gunshots going off in a different area of the school.  Describing him as appearing dazed, and commenting that she remarked to Cruz that “she was surprised the shooter was not him”.  Very creepy.
All of these claims have undeniable provenance and credibility.  Especially the audio of David Hog claiming that it was 9:30 in the morning as the shooting was supposedly occurring.  This all smells of some kind  of preconceieved, planned out ruse.  Involving a cast of students from the drama and journalism departments, “lefty” members of the media, and local law enforcement officials.   I cannot sit here and proclaim that I know exactly what happened, or that no kids died.  In fact I find it even more disturbing that kids were sacrificed as a part of this sketchy collection of events.  However while I am not arrogant enough to lay out a complete alternative theory.  I do know that the anomolies within the official narrative that I described above DID in fact occur within our present reality of space-time and cannot simply be overlooked in persuit of convenience and to avoid being shamed as a conspiracy theorist.
I cannot speak on any of this stuff publicy with my friends or family,  as I risk being alienated and shamed.  While at the same time I know many of them secretly agree that much of this in fact does not add up.  This blog is very much my way to vent out the way things actually appear to be.   A venue where I can take things at their raw face value instead of always participating in a world where the truth is constantly contorted.  This distortion of the obvious and apparent truth makes me feel as though I am going crazy.   I pull my hair out as I watch so many people believe the same bullshit that is spewed out as the supposed “official narrative”.

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