BADASS! Black Religious Lawyer Dude Tells Cop Straight Up He’s Not Giving License, Reg, Nuthin…Then Prays & Frustrated Cops Leaves!

This video warmed my heart. It was so entertaining to watch the cop circle the car and pound on the glass in frustration. He probably realized that like most black men who are confronted with a traffic stop, he was recording the whole thing. If he was going to resort to smashing the guys window, and violently dragging him out of the car, he was going to have to explain all the proper justification for this. There’s no way he was sure that he had the legal high ground. So rather than becoming another pig internet star for violating the rights of another free American, he decided to swallow his pig pride and just drive away. That might have been the first smart p.i.g I’ve ever seen.

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