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Lil Tay & Other YouTube Personalities Like Her Need To Be Stopped! Tool Brother Coaching Her What To Say

Lil Tay & Those Like Her Are Ruining The Internet
By. Paco Mack the Rational Citizen

I am fully aware of the downward spiral that popular culture has been undergoing for quite some time now. The types of entertainment that gain popularity are becoming increasingly obnoxious by the day. This is in part fueled by the online video hosting platforms that make it a cinch to upload and promote your own content. This has lead to an entirely new classification of online celebrities. You have Jake Paul, “Catch Me Outside” girl Daniel Bregoli/Bhad Bhabie, and even characters like “Woah Vicky”. Now many of you are rolling your eyes at the mention of these personalities, but you cannot deny the level of their success. Despite what you may think of these guys, I must concede that each of them has certain charismatic and/or comedic values that can be loosely considered as their particular “talent”. I use “talent” lightly in this case. I actually find Danielle and Vicky to be pretty funny in their own right. I have no comment on Jake Paul.

Aside from acts like Bregoli, Vicky & Paul, there is an entirely separate category that consists of annoying, screeching “diss artists”, who obnoxiously yell at the camera proclaiming how awesome they are, and how shitty the rest of us are.  None are more commanding of this style than 9-year-old “Lil Tay”.  Jesus Christ.  What cesspool of narcissism and flamboyance did this child incubate within?  The answer appears to be the douchy depths of her brothers lost aspirations for his own internet stardom.  Or he is an utter genius who has somehow created a behemoth of an internet star and a mindblowingly large following.  An audience for an act that is little more than a 9 year old girl bragging about her clothing and cars and jewelry that really aren’t hers.

This is American, huh?  We are all free to do and say what we want for the most part, and if I don’t like it, I don’t have to watch it.  Yea Yea.  What I am most troubled by is the impression that kids get to end up thinking this is a cool way to act.  They don’t see “Lil Tay” as the charicature I hope she is. We don’t need a whole generation of kids acting like this.  It’s not just obnoxious.  It’s extraordinarily petty and overtly un-funny.  At least acts like Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie have actual comedic moments, and the characters are admittedly charismatic is their own right.  Lil Tay is NOTHING of the sort.  The whole act is so lame, and so corny that I am surprised other pre-teens even respond to it.  It has no creativity, no edge and no comedic value whatsoever. What frightens me most here is that kids apparently do think that this is funny and entertaining.  Therefore Lil Tay is going to be replicated with the fury of a Trojan Virus.  If kids start to act like this more and more, we are going to have a generation of ultra-toolbags who are constantly engaged in an ongoing competition as to who can be the most narcissistic, self-infatuated, and simultaneously the most condescending to their peers.* *”I already have to deal with adults engaging in an ongoing competition as to who can be most often offended, and most progressive.The worst part is(maybe not the worst part), this is not even the true personality of Lil Tay herself.  Its her brother piecing together the narration from behind the camera.  Then Lil Tay just spews out this verbal diarrhea while in her “boss bitch” persona.  Kids at home on their computer can’t seem to get enough of this shit!  Ahhhhhhhh. To Lil Tay, and Lil Tay’s brother, please either change the act or start wrapping it up.  I understand you need to milk as much money as possible out of this newfound stardom.  I get it, I would do the same.  But now that you have all this excess wealth, why don’t you start putting it into the production value and try to switch up the act and start actually making it funny.  Somehow.

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