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Scientists Shocked By Shapeshifting Octopus

I’ve been talking a lot about cephalopods lately.  This octopus is even remarkable for its own species.   Not only can it exactly replicate colors like other octopus.  This one can actually replicate other shapes as well.  This scientist labelled this creature as,

“…the pinnacle of wizardyMarine Biologist

It’s no surprise that scientists believe they evolved and originated from an alien planet. (SEE: Cambrian Explosion Anomaly).  The nervous systems and brains of these animals are absolutely mind blowing.   Some scientists believe that they communicate with each other in a way far more complex than the human language.  And I mean way more complex.  To the point where it would be the equivalent of humans flashing computer digital encoding made up of color and light back and forth to one another.  To try to fathom what goes on within their nervous systems when they are shifting form within the light spectrum to mimic other patterns and contorting their physical form is staggering.

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