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Vegas Shooter on Ground. Clear As Day.

Heres that same clip that I've featured previously.  This time from a different user/source.  The footage is clear as day.  However people's instincts to cling onto the mainstream media's narrative and explanation is so strong, that reason gets thrown out the window.  One response I got when showing this footage to someone was that, "it's easy to make fake footage of anything".  Ok, I guess that's true to a certain extent.  So then I guess nothing that we see on camera anymore can be claimed as real.  So in that case I call bullshit on every piece of video footage ever featured on network news stations.  Including video footage of the anchors in the newsroom.  It's CGI, because that is a possibility.

C'mon man...      Bro.    You know how hard realistic CGI like that is to fabricate.  On top of that, a video clip has time stamps, geo-tags, and other intangibles like provenance to consider.  Most of the time, actually just about every time, a piece of modern video footage is what it is.  This was not faked.  Thats sooooo implausible.

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