Greedy Fat Fuck Called Police on Buffet That Was Forced To Cut Him Off


They were having a fish-fry buffet special at this restaurant, and this man had eaten so many fillet pieces at this point (12), that they had to politely ask him to stop so they would not run out of the specialized fresh fish fillets they were featuring.  He started making a fuss, so they gave him another 8 pieces to-go, hoping that would appease him.  

I should note that all other patrons said they were stuffed after 2 fish filet pieces, and he’s been given 20 pieces at this point.

He became so enraged for being asked to stop inhaling the fish, that he called the cops on the freaking restaurant.  From the looks of it, the police didn’t care or do anything.  But how disgusting are some people?  On the inside and out.  This guy was the one that should have had the cops called on on him and been taken into custody.  

Now he’s picketing outside the place trying to garner support.  What a slob waste of life creature.   VIDEO BELOW
[arve url=”″ thumbnail=”3184″ title=”Fat slob calls cops when buffet cuts him off after 12 fried fish pieces.” /]

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