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Why don’t black kids want to do well in school?

Why excelling in school is considered “un-cool” by America’s African American youth?

by Paco Mack the Rational Citizen

In the years following the civil rights movement, democratic policies encouraged single black mothers to continue to have children, while rewarding them financially for staying single.  This had the effect of dissolving the family unit within black communities, immediately putting these kids at a disadvantage.

Having zero semblance of any kind of traditional family unit has many negative effects on a child, one of them being a lack of value in one’s education.  A single mother who is conceiving children solely for the purpose of padding their welfare checks certainly is not going to be expected to hold any kind of high-quality societal values.  This creates a situation where these kids are being bred to merely exist in life, not excel in life.   

There is no reason why so many black kids should be failing to even complete high school, nevermind failing to attend college. 

Watch VIDEO: Discussion on How Racism Affects Education & Opportunities in Society.  Black Conservative Female’s Perspective.

Black kids who have a strong family unit, that promotes and encourages their children to put effort into their academics, have a strong likelihood of producing college-bound, driven students.  However, even with this encouragement, it is often the social structure of the friends of these kids that make it uncool to put effort into your school work.  What can end up happening is that for reasons of survival, and social posturing, these kids are forced to exhibit a hardened attitude within the ranks of their peers, making being “hard” more important than working “hard” in school.  A kid that is seen carrying around books, and studying in their spare time, will be labeled as a nerd and mocked and jeered at by loud, obnoxious classmates.  Given how sensitive adolescents can be regarding popularity and how they are perceived by their peers, this can pose as a huge deterrent to openly participate in academic activities. 

Everyone wants to be Meek Mill, not a white-collar working civilian.  By the time they realize this is a childish mentality, it is far too late.  Television shows like “Love and Hip-Hop” and “Empire”, portray the act of making a living, more as a hustle, rather than a result of hard work and participation in the world of academia, starting from a young age.

The opportunities for blacks are there and ripe for the taking.  I attended a suburban high school in Connecticut, that was ranked as one of the top public schools in the state, in a state with some of the top public schools in the country.  Our school system happened to have a program called “Project Concerned”.  This program allowed for black kids, who lived in Hartford, a city with some of the highest crime rates, and worst schools in the country, to attend the school systems in the neighboring suburban towns.  They were provided with their own buses, and each child was paired with a classmate and family in town, who would ensure that the child received any and all additional support they needed in order to be able to participate in all local activities and programs offered by the town.  Essentially the child would stay with this surrogate family when needed, and be provided with transportation, and even monetary support whenever needed so that they would not miss out on anything that was going on within the community.  I can attest to the comprehensive nature of this program, as I was one of the student’s who was paired with a classmate from Hartford, who ended up becoming close friends of mine as they were paired with me from grade school, up until high school graduation.  Since these kids were allowed to incubate within a high-quality school system and were supplemented with the equivalent of a supportive family unit, they were able to succeed academically despite living in an impoverished community, with a single black mother.  If you were to go onto Linkedin today, you would see that nearly all of my black classmates from the inner city are college graduates with high-quality employment backgrounds, just like the majority of my white classmates.

Unless we are able to infiltrate and reform the current mentality within black culture that disregards academia and emplores a flashy, edgy hip-hop lifestyle, then our black youth will continue operating with a handicap throughout life. 

The Liberal Progressives out there that continue to push the narrative that systematic racism is the force holding back blacks from success, need to shut up.  No one is claiming that there are no racist people within our society.  However, true racists represent a small minority that does not possess enough influence to pose as an active barrier to an entire race of people within a society. 

It is 2018, and members of the population with a discriminative mentality, or influence, are easily pushed aside and able to be ignored in today’s modern age.  People need to stop listening to these radicalized liberal philosophies that keep complaining and treating blacks as victims to neverending oppression.  We need to take aim at the tangible factors for success and start pushing the right buttons to engage in the reform needed to vanquish socioeconomic disparities.  Start having blacks finish school, and I promise there will be plenty of opportunities for them to succeed and enjoy all the same benefits and advantages of life that whites do.

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