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They actually made a law against “man-spreading!” I give up. I’m gonna find citizenship elsewhere.


It’s a real law in New York City. I repeat , this has actually been enacted as a LEGAL violation against subway riders in Manhattan and the remaining four boroughs.  Verified legislation has been passed to combat this heinous act on humanity.!!!, Ahhhhhhhhhh….pulling out my hair and having a breakdown/freakout……

Don’t progressives realize that shit like this is why we elected Trump.  This insane buildup of politically correct residue became unmanageable and something had to be done.

These insane ultra progressive liberals think that they have the majority on their side.  When in fact what’s really going on is that very few are willing to risk speaking out against this insanity for risk of being shamed by the social justice warriors laying in wait.

Keep this shit up and Trump is going to get reelected.  Just wait.  Keep it up.  Do it.

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