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Another Low IQ Dummy Product of the “Young Turks” Embarrasses Liberals in Debate

Here we go again.  Doesn't the left have any credible, intelligent people willing to stand up and debate public conservative figures like Charlie and Ben Shapiro?  In this case we are treated to another idiot from the crew of the "Young Turks", who appears to only be employed via an act of nepotism.  This kid gets absolutely destroyed on stage.  All he can muster are personal attacks, race baiting and the usual empty rhetoric of a modern social justice warrior.  The debate is broken down by a random YouTuber, who does a very good job isolating all the best talking points while highlighting just how bad the arguments on the left were.

Cringe-worthy comments are spewed about the stage like a bulimic wrestler before a match.
Whoever this random kid is, it's actually a really good video, with all the points he makes spot on and exceedingly agreeable.  Cenk's nephew simply outright embarrasses himself by spewing the same old bucket of emotions and race baiting, using the phrase "white supremacy" over and over again like a cockatoo with turrets.  Now, I will say that I do agree with the Young Turks when it comes to police brutality, and the racism that exists within the profession.  I would define the issue with the police more in line with their craving to shoot anybody without justification, they don't really care what the race of the suspect is if the rulebook even slightly hints towards their need to use deadly force.  I have seen them shoot white 16 year old girls out at a field party in Kentucky.  They are probably still happier if the person turns out to be black that they got to shoot.

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