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Cop Using His Time “On Duty” as a Chance to Play a More Realistic Version of “Call of Duty” by Killing Unarmed Black Teen Leaving A Party


Cop using his time “On Duty” as a police officer as if it’s a more realistic version of “Call of Duty” by unloading his service rifle into a car loaded with black teens.

That’s exactly what becoming a cop is all about to these guys. They would love to be able to shoot at people all day long if they could, but then they would be fired and jailed (sometimes).  They should have joined the military if they wanted to do that.

This incident is yet another example of the demented eagerness shown by cops to fire bullets at living, breathing citizens (usually black), without any reasonable justification.   Maybe while in the academy the instructors are simply forgetting to teach deadly force as a last resort.  More likely however this deadly behavior is a result of these officers doing extreme mental gymnastics in every situation they are in to convince themselves that the law grants them permission to fire their weapon.  I guarantee that while most cops couldn’t recite many written statutes, they damn sure could explain to you all the various terms and circumstances that deem it lawful for a cop to use their gun.  Yet they are so eager to use the damn thing that they usually set aside those rules anyway.

Pigs pigs pigs.

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