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SJW’S: Social Justice Warriors


Why won’t these ever-so-passionate crusaders against the ownership of “assault rifles”, and pushers of more stringent gun control, ever stop and explain the rationale and logic behind their stance? Why not face-up and simply just answer the basic questions that these reporters keep asking? I’ll tell you why.

The first reason is because they can’t. None of them have a clue what they actually mean by the term assault rifle. They are riding on the coattails of other screaming, hissing liberals. Copying the verbiage and empty reasoning behind another rabid lieftist anti gun hissy fit. They’ve never actually looked into the details for themselves. Substantiating their arguments with any kind of factual basis is at the bottomof their list of concerns.

The other reason is that they think they are better than you. They hold themselves in a much higher regard and social status than a barbarian gun owner. As the guardians of the one and only infinitely righteous gospel of thought, they have no further need or obligation to explain themselves when presented with any other line of reasoning that dares to imply that any flaw may exist in their armor of morality.

So when a right wing reporter dares to point out that they have no idea what the fuck they are talking about, its inconsiquential to them, or their followers. To the liberal masses, they feel they have already sorted this all out, and their cause and their personal level of morality is so much higher than yours, that they have been granted immunity from further providing any kind of reasoning to back up their viewpoints. Notice how dismissive everyone in the crowd is of the questioning. No one wants to confidently stand up in front of the cameras and knock down the list of points being thrown at them.

These people are a fucking joke. They don’t care about working out the problem, and figuring ways to curb violence, and address mental health. They just want to snatch up guns, and stomp on the rights of free Americans. They all suffer from a disgusting moral superiority complex.

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