[FIXED VID] Cmon…What!!! (Must Watch) Mandela Effect WTF! The Matrix is real.

[arve src=”http://usrationalcitizen.com/vids/planeFROZEN.mp4″ /]

Very realistic balloon/blimp? Or the matrix ran out of memory and froze-up?

I’ve been seeing more and more of these now that people are taking notice. I’m gonna make a compilation of these clips since there are so many. It’s obvious they aren’t CGI or any fake bullshit like that. They are too real and people don’t realize how complicated and expensive good special effects are to begin with. This footage is very authentic and disturbing. Getting all worked up and upset about the reality and implications of this kind of footage is not going to help you in life. It’s just one of those things that you can acknowledge as truth, but dare not speak of openly for risk of severe ridicule and alienation. Much like if one were to be open about their conservative views. Society will shit on you and turn you into an outcast.


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