TopBuzz [Bugatti Chiron (1500HP) vs Devel Sixteen (5000HP) – MONSTER OF THE SPEED!]

I remember when the McClaren F1 held the record at 231mph according to the Need For Speed video games I was playing on my PlayStation 1. Now we got cars from Dubai with 5000HP clocking in the 280’s. I wonder what would happen if you touched the wheel at those speeds. How do they keep the car from “taking off”? Meaning actually having the nose of the car lift off the pavement and begin to take flight like a fucking plane. A lot of work goes into the aerodynamics design to keep the frame pushed downwards to prevent this. However at the crazy speeds it gets harder to control it. I can just imagine some poor Dubai racecar driver getting suckered into driving this car and ends up getting decapitated after the car soars into the air and smashes into pieces in front of the TV cameras and a bunch of Saudi goons in town for the event.

[Bugatti Chiron (1500HP) vs Devel Sixteen (5000HP) …]

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