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Could have been the most people killed in a car crash ever. Immigrants packed into van like cattle which is then smashed in crash on highway.

The flow never stops. Looks like Syrian and Afghani refugee going to a border crossing in France or Italy. Roads are def Euro.
A great example of why illegal immigration is something that cannot be ignored. Look at these savages packed in like cattle. I am sure the driver was unable to effectively maneuver and steer the van from the immense excess weight of the two dozen illegals crammed in the back. I mean there is absolutely no apparent cause for this accident. There is no reason why a van should just randomly skid and slide into the guardrail on a slippery highway with no other cars or obstacles anywhere near them unless there was an issue with the van itself. It’s clear the driver simply accelerated around the turn, then jerked the wheel too suddenly with such a heavy load, allowing the energy from the transfer of weight to push the van sideways into the guardrail. Under normal conditions the van would have performed just fine even under the slippery road conditions.

[Could have been the most dead in a car crash ever]

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