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Body camera footage shows police never got out of cruiser to check for Ohio teen crushed by minivan seat

What a fucking surprise. Lazy ass cops and 911 dispatchers not giving 2 fucks about actually doing their job. These swine cops couldn’t even bother to get their worthless faggot asses out of their cruiser and check the goddam parking lot for this kid. They were too busy sucking from the tit of the municipality, sucking down our tax dollars while shaking down dope dealers on the side. Fuck the police. Everyone hates the police because of shit like this. This kid was pleading with the 911 dispatcher to send help immediately, and made it clear how dire the situation was, saying he was dying and to tell his loved ones goodbye. How much more confirmation do emergency services require in order to sound the alarm and start pulling out all the stops in order to locate and rescue this citizen in need? I mean are they fucking serious? What else do they have to do except respond to emergencies like this every once and a while. They should have had any and all cops and paramedics scouring those parking lots non stop. They had plenty of personell and plenty of time. This shows you just how many of these cops and other emergency service workers are just there to cash a paycheck and have no instictual drive to actually help their fellow human. I will exclude paramedics from this generalization, but far too many of you pigs and 911 dispatchers have been caught out being insolent lazy fuckheads.

The whole municipality of this town in Ohio dropped the ball bigtime here. Here was one of the most severe emergencies that this town might have ever seen, and instead of showing the heroism of our emergency service workers, this simply played out as an audit of their competency, and they failed miserably.

[Body camera footage shows police never got out of …]

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