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Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress/Senate. Jesus Christ. These people still have no clue how the internet works.

I cringed in embarrassment for these congressmen as they boasted to Mark Zuckerberg as to all the faults they thought they had found in his software, only to be politely told they have absolutely no idea what they were talking about in the slightest. It was unreal to listen to these questions. You would think these politicians wouldn’t want to waste this precious opportunity they had to question Zuckerberg, and would have had younger members of their staff help them come up with constructive and worthwhile questions. But nope, they went up there and not only embarrassed themselves, but more importantly their constituents by pushing questions that exposed their accumen on social media software as stoneage. They literally didn’t have a clue as to how Facebook worked. Not even remotely, or superficially. Zuckerberg must have left there with such disregard and disrespect for these members of Congress. Pathetic.

[Sen. Kamala Harris TRIGGERS Mark Zuckerberg, Gets …]

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