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Watch “Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel”.

All the flat earthers always claim to have done this exact experiment. The one issue that I still have is the assumption that is made that the earth is a perfect sphere. It is not. It is a “spheroid”, or an obtuse, lumpy rock, with protrusions and bulges accross its surface as our techtonic plates float atop the mantle. It’s constant spinning motion also causes the middle of the earth to expand outwards, making it fatter in the middle. So my question is, wouldn’t the extent of the curvature vary wildy at different places on the globe. With such a vast scale, it would seem that when measuring the curvature over just a few miles, you would get results that would sometimes show you a flatish plane, sometimes a very steep curve, and/or somewhere in between. I have heard of crazy factoids about how Mt. Everst, although the highest point measured from sea level, the actual farthest point measured from the center of the earth, to the crust, is some mountain in Peru, because of the ondulation of the earths crust.

I simply wish this was talked about more. So I am talking about it. Flat earth videos take up way too much space on YouTube. It’s mad annoying.

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