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Watch “UNBELIEVABLE – Nurse Arrested For Simply Doing Her Job” on YouTube junk

UNBELIEVABLE. This is what always happens. If a pig feels like they are being shown up, and someone dares not to comply with their orders, lawful or not, they lose it, and arrest the person. I’m glad she got the $1.75 million.

What I found to be one of the most disturbing interactions that went on after they had put her in the squad car, at the time everyone’s bosses had shown up. The policee Liuteneant went over to the window to the police car and openend the door to talk to the nurse. She first very clearly explained too him, that there are 3 pieces of criteria that would give law enforcement the legal authority to ask for blood to be withdrawn. In this case she was very clear that the officers did not have a single one of those pieces of criteria, so therefore you have no legal recourse in this situation to demand a blood draw.

Here’s where it gets incredible. (You can hear him speaking in the video, I will find the exact start time in the video so you can see and hear for yourself. ) He goes on to tell the nurse that she is erroneous in her judge and only protecting the victim here, and that she cannot act as his attorney. She again, trys to explain to them that she is simply following the legal guidlines that the hospital goes by, and if that policy guides me to make the decision that you guys cannot take blood, then you are not legally able to take blood. So heres what he says next, this made my blood boil. He says something along the lines of “[sic] I have been doing this for 20 years, ok, and if we do something that turns out to be something that was not done legally, then that person has civil recourse he can take, and would get any charges they would have had against him dropped. This is what he says to her to make it sound like they are being completely fair. Just astonishing to me. What he is basically saying is that his law enforcement office regularly just push aside rules like these all the time in order to get the evidence they want at the time (in most cases, evidence to incriminate someone). Then, after the fact, if the defendant can even determine I’d their rights were violated somewhere along the way, obtain a lawyer and go ahead and sue us, then they can have justice and due process and theoretically get those charges thrown out. And thats if the defendent even knows that his or hers rights were infringed, and that their blood sample was taken illegally.

Purposly depriving defendants of due process, in a systematic fashion as part of the agency’s policy must be criminal. The Lieutenant doesn’t seem to mind that uneeded time and money is being spent in a courtroom to sometimes adjunicate these charges that were obtained via unlawful actions. When all of this hardship on the defendent, from fraudulent charges to legal fee’s, the time spent, and the arrest records that he now has that will always be on his record, even though they were competely unlawful arrests.

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