Trooper tases teen on ATV. Police video reveals what happens next. Trooper charged w/2nd Degree Murder.

Like I always say, police wake up each morning hoping its finally the day that they get to kill someone.  His trooper buddies are likely jealous that he got to murder someone in such a elaborate, and much cooler way than usual.  This officer enjoyed the rare treat of an opportunity to shoot his taser from a moving patrol car at a 15 year old kid as he rode his ATV, sending him plowing into the back of a parked truck.  That’s waaaay cooler than just getting to plain’ol shoot someone.

This was straight up murder.  Thankfully the usually ridiculous self-investigation methods of a police department actually ended with homicide charges being pinned to the officer.  The officer who tased the kid from his moving car, forcing him to plow into the back of a parked pickup truck.

Even the other cops who showed up on the scene made comments condemning what that officer just had just done.  When the officer said over the radio, “I only have a weak pulse now, I’m losing it”, one female officer hears this as shes getting out of her patrol car and goes, “yea, he’s got a weak pulse cause you tased him off that moving atv”.  However, some of the other officers take the opposite approach, and blame the kid, saying he deserved it.  While another pig said, “[sic] if you run from troopers, your gonna get fucked up”.  Apparently that department has an internal policy that allows for the murder of anyone that runs from you.  Fucking PIGS!

Trooper tases teen on ATV. Police video reveals what happens next.

As 15-year-old Damon Grimes lay dying in the middle of Rossini Drive last August, Michigan State Police Trooper Mark Bessner crouched over his body.

“He’s got a pulse, and he’s breathing. He’s unconscious,” Bessner said into his police radio, adding later, “He slowed down. We tased him, and he crashed out.”

Grimes had been driving about 35 mph on an ATV when Bessner — a passenger in a moving patrol car — fired his stun gun at the teen during a chase on Detroit’s east side.

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