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Gun Grabbers Just Don’t Seem To Get It.


Why is it so hard to convince a gun grabber than their plight is a direct attack on the Constitutional framework that has supported and maintained what is the freest nation that our planet has ever seen? Immigrants from other countries who migrated to the U.S. will constantly boast as to how lucky we are to live in this society, and just how good we have it. These millenials and radicalized leftists take this all for granted, in such an obnoxious way.

The U.S. Constitution. A semblence of written words, on a piece of animal hyde. Responsible for preserving a vast group of enduring freedoms. Freedoms of speech, religion, movement, entreprenurship, education, you could list them endlessly. They are the envy of outsiders, and too often blatantly taken at liberty by silly immature libertards.

Having a consistent set of rules and guidelines to serve as the constructs of the various branches that make up a government have been the platform of all civilized and enduring regimes. There is always some one out there trying to modify the disposition of a ruling body to serve their own interests. This will never stop being the case. Which is why formulating something that beignly serves the interest of the population, as well as the Constitution does, has made it an everlasting symbol of a healthy republic.

These reckless anti-gun liberals show up at protests to screech atop the moral high ground they always claim to stand on.  They scold, throw verbal and physical obscenities, and spray their toxic venom of self-perceived moral righteousness all over anyone that stands in their way.   The U.S. Constitution serves as no obstacle for their virtuous plight to remedy the world of all they that they stand against. They arrogantly throw on their lawyer hats and refer to our forefathers intention for the law to be fluid.  A commonly used phrase plucked out of the stream of left-wing propoganda that continously spews from ultral-liberal American Collegiate theology.  Berkley would be a likely country of origin.

The right to bear arms is the 2nd Amendment.  They made sure to list it 2nd!  It’s there to protect us from an agency, like the state police for example, from figuring out since they are the only ones armed, it would be a piece of cake to forcibly take over a given sector of the population.  The same police force that is dispised for all the wrong reasons by the left.  While at the same time you want these police there to enforce more of the rights-encroaching laws that make up your liberal socialist agenda.  The police have far too much power.1

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