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Parkland Shooting: Problems with the Narrative. What the actual fuck.

Parkland Shooting: Problems with the Narrative.  VIDEO BELOW

Mainstream media claims that all “conspiracy theories” have been debunked.  Basically all that means is that they are saying that any other evidence that does not line up with the official narrative should be ignored.   The only fully debunked story was from some very fishy proclaimed alt-right source that was saying the kids were actors. While that story turned out to be untrue, not one of the details highlighted in this video can, or should be automatically discredited. Let’s be clear, these are NOT conspiracy theories.  That word is tossed around way too much, and has been weaponized by the media to suppress anything that contradicts their agenda.  These are true documented interviews and factual representations of reality. They are being shown to you here. What you conclude is up to you.


This video doesn’t exist

I made sure to save and host this video myself, as I’m pretty sure the source below that I got this from has been taken down and censored by now, or will be soon.  Freedom of Speech will endure on the net as long as I can help it.

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