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Hillary, Podesta & DNC murdering more people without a shred of mainstream media attention.


This is absolutely incredible to me. The fact that Julian Assange and Wikileaks, who I might add have never had a single story of theirs discredited, have put out another leaked email from John “the pedophile” Podesta, proclaiming that they must “set an example” in this case, regarding leaked information from within the DNC proving that the democratic primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton. A primary where Bernie Sanders should have been the rightful democratic candidate in the presidential election.

So they(Podesta & Hillary), did just that; they set an example by shooting DNC volunteer Seth Rich in the back twice as he walks along the street in Washington DC. The fact that it is being reported and accepted as a botched robbery despite the fact that this person happens to be the individual who leaked the information about the rigged election, is beyond astonishing to me. Hillary and Podesta just run rampant around the world butchering anyone who gets in their way while entertaining themselves raping and murdering children in secret underground rituals.

This is not shock reporting at all this is a rational and critical evaluation of facts and circumstance.

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