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Angry Teen Vomiting MSM Lies Gets Owned. Just lots of screaming, feelings and swearing. No facts, logic, or reason,… like usual.


These arrogant “activists” show up to these protests knowing absolutely nothing about anything. They most likely were told by one of their friends that this event was being held and were thrown a few tibits highlighting the lefts gun agenda. They have these shit eating grins of self-satisfaction, projecting an auro of superiority over the InfoWars reporter. How dare she engage in debate with such righteous crusaders of justice and decency? They claim to know all the facts and have sorted out this issue already, so there is no need for them to further substantiate their claims and show the validity of their agenda with any supportimg verifable facts, or sound logic. They feel no need to explain themselves, us simpletons who protect the Constitution wouldn’t understand the plight of the these virtuous agents of liberty and justice. The only legitimacy towards their claims that they feel they are obliged to convey is to scream at and scold anyone who dares to challenge their authority on social issues. Labeling them as Nazi bigots and fucking idiots.

This video doesn’t exist

A lot of these kids are still very young, and still have much to learn, and a good chunk of them will grow out of this. It’s toolbags like the older dude who emerged from the background during the interview, instructing the kid not to even bother debating with anyone from InfoWar’s. They are just lying assholes according to him. So rather than instruct the person to research facts(or better yet actually provide some on your own), and then apply and use critical thought to come to a conclusion, he tells him not to even bother. Cmon people, at least do some kind of research on the actual issue you are protesting about.

Can’t people see what’s going on here? The issue of gun control is being weaponized and used and a tool to demonize anyone from the right who dares to continue to support the 2nd Amendment. The Dems aren’t actually trying to push, and finalize gun control, if so they would actually be working with politicians like Marco Rubio to push some kind of legislation through. Instead they are practicing the art of shaming to the extreme, to bash and batter the right, categorizing us all as Nazi extremists to infect the psyche of an average impressionalbe young American with the notion that the Republican party and their constituents are somehow inherently evil. Can’t people see through this farse and come join the land of the logical?

[Angry Teen Vomiting MSM Lies Gets Owned]

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