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I can’t imagine what kind of a circus high school would have been if social media and smartphones were around in my time. Jesus..

All the girls that were bused in from Hartford via the “Project Concerned” program that our upscale suburban public school system had, would have savagely beat each other from beef started on social media platforms. The amount of cocky posturing and shit talking that they engaged in without social media was insane. If they had Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post pics and comments,…OH SHIT. It would have been a carnival of hood violence. And that’s just from those Hartford bitches. The rest of the high school population would have contributed their fair share of mud slinging on their respective digital platforms, and it would have resulted in lots of fights and destroyed feelings.

The point is, it would have been so crazily disruptive, is hard to even contemplate how different social life, and life in general would have been if we had had smartphones and social media back in 2000 when I was in high school. I was one of the first of my friends to have a cell phone in 2000. It was a StarTech flip phone that cost near 1k. It had an analog signal, but it worked. I thought that thing was literally the coolest thing I’d ever had or seen. It was up there with my car and car stereo cd changer as one of the coolest possessions is ever obtained. Everyone had beepers, and this was a big step beyond that.

Now, we take all this portable tech for granted.

Increased police presence at Naugatuck High School following social media threats

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