I Want This Sheriffs Badge Torn Off His Chest, Then Have Him Pinned Down In Order To Scratch The Words “Lying Demagogue” On His Forehead Using The Sharpened Edge Of His Badge.

[The Hypocrite Liberal Cnn, Flip – Flopped on Inter…] http://www.topbuzz.com/article/i6525926994113200650?user_id=6489212005084300298&language=en&region=us&app_id=1184&impr_id=6538365511703464201&gid=6525926996503953673&c=sys&language=en

Slave Auction in Libya. Muslims are the Only Modern Peoples who still engage in the Slave Trade. Not Figuratively, Quite Literally.

[Slavery In Libya] http://www.topbuzz.com/article/i6495459508905574922?user_id=6489212005084300298&language=en&region=us&app_id=1184&impr_id=6538337128525334793&gid=6495459511715758345&c=sys&language=en

David Icke clashes with hosts over aliens and the moon]

davidicke[KGVID width=”426″ height=”240″]http://usrationalcitizen.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/davidicke.mp4[/KGVID] [arve url=”https://vv.ipstatp.com/234a145b001e40738a7c07eca2d8e294″ thumbnail=”2149″ autoplay=”yes” /] [arve url=”https://vv.ipstatp.com/234a145b001e40738a7c07eca2d8e294″ /] [David Icke clashes with hosts over aliens and the …] http://www.topbuzz.com/article/i6536067962695057930?user_id=6489212005084300298&language=en&region=us&app_id=1184&impr_id=6538336270668531978&gid=6536067962695057930&c=sys&language=en

INCREDIBLE: Pussy Ass Bitch Cop Unloads Clip on Driver For NO REASON. Philando Castillo murdered.

What possible explanation is there for a cop to do this? This cop was so scared from the first seconds of this stop that he seemed to kill this guy almost as a precaution, just to be sure, even though the gun was not out or pointed at him. If anyone should lose gun rightsContinue reading “INCREDIBLE: Pussy Ass Bitch Cop Unloads Clip on Driver For NO REASON. Philando Castillo murdered.”

Gov. Jerry Brown to Trump: ‘You Don’t Want to Mess With California’

WASHINGTON — As Donald Trump swept to victory across the Midwest and several swing states on Election Day, the nation’s largest state was largely out of the conversation. California overwhelmingly voted against Trump, delivering the state to Hillary Clinton by 30 points in November, and the president hasn’t had the kindest words to say aboutContinue reading “Gov. Jerry Brown to Trump: ‘You Don’t Want to Mess With California’”

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