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Shocking testimony of what Mexican kids think of the USA. Glad to see how appreciative they are of their citizenship…little pricks, unreal…

These are the people the democrats have been fighting so hard to grant sanctuary to within our country. I can only imagine the extent of the damage they inflict upon the quality of our school systems if someone was able to measure this.

Sounds like these middle school kids are using school time to organize new “Azteca” street gangs, not learn and become pillars of society like the left claims these poor immigrants desire.

Statistics on violent gang activity shows one of the strongest correlations ever detected to gang activity is illegal immigration.  It’s not even close.  Even the long standing black gangs, like Crips and Bloods, proclaim how wild and disrespectful latino gang bangers are of life in general.  These native black gang leaders constantly talk about how these latino gangbangers have no respect for any street code or the lives of innocent civilians.  They are complete savage animals, that have been bred in violent revolutionary, civil war and/or narco-war  entrenched countries like El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala.  They know nothing but violence.  One shocking statistic for example is that around 90% of the worlds kidnappings occur in Central America.

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