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Jesus…This footage of an alleged ALIEN filmed by forest ranger helicopter crew look creepily real. Realest I’ve seen…

There has clearly been enough evidence presented over time to support the existence of these grey, humanoid beings visiting and/or occupying our planet. However, getting hardcore video proof of one of these beings up close and personal has been an elusive task. The internet is filled with hoaxes of “alien grey’s” being interviewed and interrogated, with most of them being very easy to dismiss.

However, in this case, I am compelled to proclaim the apparent authenticity of this very scary clip. The ranger taking the footage is zooming in, following the creature, and making every effort not to miss getting the best shot he can, something that is missing from hoax videos. The provenance and context of this clip also adds to its credibility.

These things are real. In my opinion I do not believe these creatures to be “alien” by definition, as they are clearly humanoid in form, these anatomical similarities to homosapien’s suggests a clear evolutionary and genetic bond shared between us. Now as far as what they are exactly, why they are here, where they are from (if even from elsewhere, perhaps they inhabit the inner earth?), it is impossible to even make an education guess using circumstantial evidence. They don’t seem to have any desire to directly interact with our civilization other than abducting humans for medical experimentation and zooming around in UFO’s and sabotaging nuclear silos for fun.

Anyway, these fuckers appear to be very real, and this is one of the most intimate pieces of footage revealing their terrifying physical appearance.

Sweet dreams…

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